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“Stillness Is the Key” is a great book describing the benefits associated with being quiet and still with one’s self. Ryan Holiday is the author of this comprehensive book. The book is good, it reminds us of what we are missing on a daily basis. We get stuck on autopilot and wonder why we are depressed. As with Ego is the Enemy stillness is something you have to work on every day. The book, just like Ryan’s other books consists of three parts which are divided into chapters. These chapters are each a story around a theme. Essential reading for today’s times, but is as timeless as ever. Many books preach inner peace, enlightenment, and self-improvement, but it’s rare to find a book that distills the elements of these pursuits as effectively or pragmatically as this one.

Stillness Is the Key by Ryan Holiday ePub

In today’s world we have smartphones, social media, and the outrage news cycle all feeding off our time and attention, but this book begins by reminding us that as far back as 2,000 years, human beings have struggled to block out the noise and find a sense of peace. Inner stillness is a very human need and a very valuable pursuit, and this book proves that. The great value from this book and this school of philosophy, in general, is not derived from its words or what it preaches, but through the practical application of its teachings in our day to day lives. We all constantly struggle, whether that’s with self-doubt, anxiety, personal relationships, family issues, or health problems, and life will continually provide us with challenges to overcome.

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We don’t need another book reminding us how hard life is, or a set of steps to overcome whatever is currently challenging us. What we need is a set of values and priorities to apply regularly and repeatedly, so we can rise above the noise, focus on what matters, face our inner demons and make the best use of this vessel we call our body until our death ultimately arrives. That’s the greatest strength of Stillness is the Key, it’s preachy at times, and it may get too detailed and talkative in its historical examples, but every time it does it quickly gets back to what matters how you can apply these lessons in your own life, regularly, and be reminded of them to make the most of the things that actually matter. Highly recommended reading, especially if you find yourself pushing with more work and fewer hours. Perhaps the best of Ryan Holiday’s books to date.

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  • Name: Stillness Is the Key
  • Author: Ryan Holiday
  • ISBN: 0525538585
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Humanist Philosophy, Greek & Roman Philosophy, Business Motivation & Self-Improvement,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 21 MB
  • Page: 288
  • Price: Free

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