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“The Art of Loving” helps us to establish better internal truths to ensure more productive and balanced lives. Erich Fromm is the author of this book. The Art of Loving summarizes the core aspects of Fromm’s ideas on love and human nature. It would be incorrect to describe The Art of Loving or any of Fromm’s work as scientific theories of human behaviour. Rather, his work puts forth a complete philosophy of love and harmony that is at odds with the dominant scientific and technical philosophy that dominates post-Enlightenment Western thought. Drawing more on the humanistic and Marxist strain in Western thought, Fromm argues that love is a paradox. It is the union of two people who remain independent individuals.

The Art of Loving by Erich FrommIt is a situation where “two become one, and yet remain two”. He contrasts this with the situation where one individual dominates the union (sadism, masochism), which he likens to the dominant-dependent love between parent and child. Whatever its philosophical origins, however, Fromm’s ideas very simple and the book is very simply written and quite short. Of all the great philosophers, Fromm is by far the most accessible. All the better, because Fromm’s central idea, that love is not the excitement of having a new lover, is not the asymmetric union of man over woman or woman over man, but rather that love is the union of two individuals who remain independent from one another, is an idea that modern society must discover.

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  • Name: The Art of Loving
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  • ISBN: 0061129739
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