Top 5 Serif Fonts – Pick up the best.

The serif fonts are some of the most popular fonts in the history of typography. You see them everywhere. And their popularity hasn’t come and gone with time like with some other fonts that we won’t mention here now. But what is serif font you might wonder? Well, a serif is a small line in a letter that is combined with a larger line. For example, if you see an A letter with two small lines, like dashes on the bottom of the two big lines that are serifs. In this article, we are going to introduce to you the 5 most popular serif fonts.

 1) Garamond


 First on our list is a classic. The Garamond child of the Serif family has been with us for many centuries. It has gotten its name after the Italian typographer Garamond. He has worked with many masters during his time and used those influences to craft his very own style. As with other great artists of that time, he had great help and was hugely admired by the wealthy class in his society. They even helped him open a printing office in one of their palaces. And he returned them the favor with one of the most long-lasting and beautiful Serif fonts that the world has ever seen.

2) Ogg


From the first font to the second font on our list is probably the biggest time jump we will have. This font is very new, but it has leady taken the world by storm. Created in the near past of 2013, The Ogg has gotten its name from the handwriting of the famous typographer Oscar Ogg. The lettering is very geometrical. It has some of the thinnest small lines as well as serifs that are barely noticeable. But, none the less it exudes finesse and timeless style.

3) Plantin


Third on our list is the Plantin, a unique combination of old and new. The great Robert Granjon originally designs it has seen many alterations during the last three hundred years. The current version, the one that we are presenting to you as one of the best Serif fonts on, has been formulated by Frank Hinman Pierpont in the year 1913. The lettering is very classic, in the sense that it is trying to mimic fine writing with the fountain pen of older generations. The serifs are not just flat lines on the bottom of the letter, they have added curvature, which gives them that extra beauty.

4) Romana


The Romana is probably the greatest serif font created in the 19th century. Judging by its name, one would think that it might have been the creation of a proud Italian mind, but that is not true. The Romana was created by the Frenchman Theophile Beaudoire in the middle of the 19th century. Not even his inspiration has something to do with Rome or Italy. He took inspiration by the typefaces created by his countryman and Lyon native, Louis Perrin. The typefaces are characterized with minimal smaller lines and big, thick larger lines. Even if one might consider such a contrast unappealing the end results is anything but.

5) Noe Display

Noe Display

 The last one on our list brings something unique to the table. It is the only serif font on our list and by far the most popular serif font with a sharp triangle like serifs on the bottom of its letters. The letters are bold and thick but also quite compressed together. This makes the Neo Display a wonderful font when writing a headline, especially if its some big, shocking news important for everyone in your global audience, like the death of Princess Diana was back in the 90s.

This concludes our entry into the most popular serif fonts. We hope that you have enjoyed the article and that you will spend the appropriate amount of time looking for and choosing the ideal serif font for you. Always remember, that the right font is the necessary key when you want to convey something to someone, be it one person of a wide audience, comprised of all kinds of people, with different religions, world views, nationalities, etc. To present your thought with a sense of style always go with serif fonts.