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Download The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks ePub novel free. “The Wedding” is a wonderful book for anyone who has been married for multiple years.

Description of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks ePub

“The Wedding” is a great heartwarming story of a married man who has been married to his wife for almost 30 years. Nicholas Sparks is the author of this impressive book. It is an absolutely wonderful life love story spanning two generations. In the book, The Wedding, a worried husband searches for something to make his wife love him again. After forgetting his twenty-ninth anniversary, Wilson, must try and find a way to make up to his wife for everything he had missed. He planned the most romantic weekend for his wife, but then his oldest daughter, Anna, decides to get married on their anniversary. Jane, Wilson’s husband, was so surprised by her daughter’s announcement, and soon they started to plan her wedding. Anna lets Jane do everything for the wedding that a normal bride would have done herself, and since Jane never really had a big wedding herself, she was excited that her daughter had allowed her to do this.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

On the night before their thirtieth anniversary, Wilson planned out the most romantic evening Jane ever thought of, and Jane was in awe when she saw what her husband had been planning for the past year. However, that was only part of her anniversary present. The rest of her present, the most important present she could ever get, would come the next day, at their daughter’s wedding. Disregarding the imperfections in the Wedding, the story overall is a strong romance and is a very fast-paced book that will hold the attention through its entirety.

Detail about The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks ePub

  • Name: The Wedding
  • Author: Nicholas Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780446615860
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Marriage & Divorce Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 304
  • Price: Free

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