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Download The Iliad by Homer ePub eBook free. “The Iliad” is a must-read for anyone remotely interested in ancient cultures, the Greek pantheon, and – frankly – any kind of literature.

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“The Iliad” is a great book to read for anyone interested in a good story. Homer is the author of this perfect book. This epic story of the Trojan war is also an intimate look at customs and relationships during the time of Ancient Greece. There are scenes of brutal and violent battle to rival the Walking Dead in gore. At the same time, each man killed is given a name and his family history related. This is personal warfare, not an anonymous battle by drones.

The Iliad by Homer ePub

Heroes like Hektor and Achilles are praised but Homer also describes the petty feuds and jealousies among men. Greek soldiers such as Agamemnon fight over spoils, over who will get a larger share of war loots. Homer shows the combatants as being afraid of dying, of fantasizing of fleeing from battle. There are occasional glimpses of humanity, as when Achilles allows Priam to take back the body of his dead son Hektor instead of mutilating it.

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Sorrow is ever-present: Achilles for his friend Patroklos, Priam for his son Hektor. In the haunting words of Achilles, asking Priam to “Endure it, then. And do not mourn forever for your dead son. There is no remedy/You will not make him stand again. Rather/ await some new misfortune to be suffered.” We highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys looking at classic epic tales.

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  • Name: The Iliad
  • Author: Homer
  • ISBN:  978-0140275360
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Ancient & Classical Poetry, Epic Poetry, European Poetry
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 704
  • Price: Free

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