Must-Read Books for College Students

Recommending a good book is never easy, especially if you are dealing with an average college student who is way too busy to start reading something. Without a doubt, it’s possible to recommend a book about or by celebrities or a famous college athlete that will keep certain individualities inspired. Still, if we are aiming for something universal that will motivate and assist, like self-help books, there are certain titles that instantly come to mind. Luckily, some books are aimed at college students specifically while not being in the academic vein. Once you seek inspiration, reading books will help you to keep your mind and heart open as you learn. 

Must-Read Books for College Students 

– 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College by Charlotte Lake.

This amazing book is literally telling you what to do to make your college life inspiring and one to remember. You will learn how to balance your studies, work, and the times of leisure. It focuses on making the most out of your dorm life, using all the campus facilities, getting good grades, being successful with friends, and implementing all the resources that you can. It will also suggest working on group projects to enhance your resume. Now before you complain that you have no time to read that all due to college assignments, simply approach an expert with write my paper message and do some reading once in a while. Once you start, things will sound less dim, and you will see the light at the end of the academic tunnel! 

– The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed by Jill and Dave Henry.

Written by skilled high school coaches, it is a book meant for college students because it serves as an important guide for those entering the perks of college life. It focuses on the mental and physical health challenges that we all seem to face once we are enrolled. It is simple to read and provides you with the accessible tools to keep fit and form healthy habits. It’s a book that serves as a helpful guide and one that should not be skipped! 

– Educated by Tara Westover.

Speaking of memoirs, it’s the one that will help you the most! It follows Tara’s life as she speaks of survivalist parents and finally making it to college. It is about personal and professional transformation and the obstacles that one must overcome to achieve success. It is a hymn to life, a book about following your dreams and always pushing forward no matter what. If you seek something inspirational, do not miss this book! 

– The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us by Paul Tough.

This book is constantly recommended by New York Times editors. Published in 2019, it talks about the challenges of higher education and focuses on things like choosing a college to issues like completing your degree. It will also discuss things like the accessibility of studies and the necessity of social changes. It’s one of those books that every responsible student should read as it inspires us to be the change we want to see and motivates us to do better. If you wish to learn how to make it through, this book will be of great help! 

– The People We Keep by Allison Larkin.

As the bestseller of 2021, this book is a great inspirational novel that talks about college students’ experiences and discovering the world. It’s a great novel that many modern students will enjoy as they see life through the eyes of April Sawicki, a fellow college learner, as she goes through all the possible struggles of life, meeting new people and learning how to survive with the help of inspiration and music. 

Choosing Books That Inspire You

Quite often, you will have a role model that will inspire you in your studies or your hobbies. It can be an engineer, a famous doctor, a specialist in the field of Law, or even a baseball player. The chances are high that these personalities will have memoir books or will recommend something that they have read. Likewise, as a college student interested in a certain topic, you may use Google to enter your topic’s title by adding keywords like recommended books or books on the subject. It will help you come up with a list of recommended readings from the likes of Amazon or Barnes and Noble stores. Give it a good try and become an explorer, as it will always pay off! 


Ruby Butz is an avid reader and cannot imagine a day without reading at least twenty pages. As an educator, she believes that books help to become open-minded and empathic. Follow Ruby to find out the joys of reading and find inspiration.