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Download Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda PDF free. The “Hamilton: The Revolution” is as revolutionary as its subject, the poor kid from the Caribbean who fought the British, defended the Constitution, and helped to found the United States.

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“Hamilton: The Revolution” is unabashedly a book that’s written to capitalize on the show’s popularity, as well as the difficulty in seeing it. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter are the authors of this book. Filled with pictures of the production, the cast, the props, and more, the book provides a bit of soothing balm for those of us out in the rest of America who probably won’t ever get to see the show on Broadway, and definitely not while Miranda is still playing the lead role. The fact that the book alternates between short essays and songs from the show allow the pictures to nicely complement the text at all times, giving the reader a sense of how the show might play out, and giving us the chance to pair images with the songs that so many of us already know by heart.

Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

More than that, though, they give you a sense of the care that went into the staging of the show; from the set to the costuming, from the insanely detailed props to the intricate stage layout, the book conveys the fact that the show is every bit as carefully crafted and intricately constructed as the album and the songs. Meanwhile, the book’s structure the aforementioned alternating between songs and essays allows some essays to pair more directly with certain songs, focusing on key roles, casting decisions, historical craft, and more. It all comes together to make something more than your usual “behind the scenes” book, instead of giving you a rich portrait of the show, the history, the key players, and more.

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