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Download Final Girls by Riley Sager PDF free. The “Final Girls: A Novel” is an interesting book to lovers of psychological suspense and to everyone who loves a brilliantly written book with well-drawn characters.

Description of Final Girls by Riley Sager

The “Final Girls: A Novel” is a story full of action, suspense and thrills. Riley Sager is the author of this book. Stephen King referred to it as ‘the first great thriller of 2017’.In other words, FINAL GIRLS came with a pedigree that included great advanced praise by respected names in the thriller business. It is an engrossing thriller. Final Girls is a term given to three young American women who each share a very unique trait. They were each the only survivor of a savage killer’s massacre. The first Final Girl, Lisa Milner, is found dead in her home of an apparent suicide. This has forced the second Final Girl, Samantha Boyd, to seek out the third and most recent member Quincy Carpenter. Quincy is the heroine of this story and we are able to relive bit by bit the night that forever changed her the massacre at Pine Cottage. A weekend trip with friends turned into a nightmare that seemed to start when the group was visited by a stranger who sought shelter for the evening. The one person Quincy can cling to for support, even more than her lawyer boyfriend Jeff, is the Cop that saved her a man she refers to as Coop. Samantha comes to NYC to introduce herself to Quincy and is quickly brought into the spare bedroom in Quincy and Jeff’s apartment.

Final Girls by Riley Sager

Things don’t seem quite right and, as the flashback chapters of the Pine Cottage horror bring memories back to life, Quincy will shortly realize that everything and everyone in her life might not be what they seem. Even worse, someone may be looking to kill the remaining Final Girls and with Samantha and Quincy together in the same place that could be an easy task. Final Girls also has decent enough character development and a plausible ending. FINAL GIRLS is never predictable and the nerve-wracking tension it produces is enough to jar the most stoic thriller reader.

Detail About Final Girls PDF

  • Name: Final Girls: A Novel
  • Author: Riley Sager
  • ISBN: 1101985380
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Psychological Thrillers, Women’s Friendship Fiction, Murder Thrillers
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Pages: 352
  • Price: Free

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