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Download Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie Mclemore ePub eBook free. The “Dark and Deepest Read” is the fiction, romance, fantasy, thriller and fantastic novel that describes for defines feminism in France.

Description of Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie Mclemore ePub

“Dark and Deepest Read” is a heartfelt story about resilience and resistance. Anna-Marie Mclemore is the author of this awesome book.  Mclemore is a wonderful writer and you can count on all the books being interesting and extremely readable. The points made in the book are backed by empirical research done by the author and others. Anna-Marie McLemore’s latest novel, Dark and Deepest Red are equal parts magical and horrifying as the novel shifts between two timelines where young women are caught in a never-ending dance, unable to stop. In 1518 Strasbourg, France, a fever takes hold of the residents. First, it is a small group of women, fallen under a spell that compels them to dance. As the frenzy continues, some of these women begin to dance themselves to death. With each passing day, more are brought under the spell, losing themselves while their families become desperate for a cure. Lala and her aunt have done their best to blend into this small town, have hoped they have hidden their Romani heritage deep enough in order to escape persecution. But as the townspeople grow more desperate to put a stop to the sickness and find someone to blame, suspicions turn to those who’ve never quite fit in. Five centuries later, “the glimmer” has once again fallen over the town of Briar Meadows. This strange phenomenon overcomes the town every year, bringing about both innocuous and life-changing magic. This year pairs of red shoes begin turning up, casting a kind of love magic on their wearers. For Rosella Oliva, donning these red shoes has unforeseen consequences. They take hold of her, refusing to let go, forcing her dance and putting her life in danger. The only person who might help is Emil, a boy who has done his best to tuck away the parts of himself that others in his town once whispered about.

Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie Mclemore

He’s closed himself off from his own history, like the story of his ancestors once being blamed for a dancing plague. But in order to help Rosella, Emil will have to reach across centuries to find the truth of what happened to those before him. Plenty of parallels can be drawn from the two timelines in Dark and Deepest Red. Lala has learned to make herself more gadget, non-Romani, tucking parts of herself away and folding herself into the circle of young women in town who are looked upon with envy rather than suspicion. Her aunt and she have explained away their brown skin with rumors of Italian nobility. Their proximity to whiteness has become their only defense against the prejudice shown to their people throughout the region. But there is always danger in their very existence, as it is for the Trans boy they took in years ago. Alifair’s almost mysterious appearance from the woods has never been fully explained, but Lala and her aunt made him family when he had none. Lala knows that while loving Alifair may always have been inevitable, her love for him might also be his downfall. Scenes between these two ranges from beautiful to heartbreaking and McLemore’s ability to write love stories that both devastate and uplift. Lala, in particular, is an incredible example of the power of a defiant woman in a world ruled by men. This book is unapologetically feminist. It also is a staking portrayal of the complex history of race in sixteenth-century Europe and its ugliness that is still so prevalent in the world today.

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  • Name: Dark and Deepest Red
  • Author: Anna-Marie Mclemore
  • ISBN: 1250162742
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Teen & Young Adult LGBT Romance, Teen & Young Adult Historical Romance, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1.5 MB
  • Page: 320
  • Price: Free

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