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Download Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott PDF free. The “Violet Grenade” follows the story of Domino Ray, who is a runaway living life and surviving the best way she knows how.

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The “Violet Grenade” is a wonderful psychological thriller contemporary-Ya-novel with amazing characters. Victoria Scott is the author of this novel. This is a novel about a homeless girl longing to find herself and find companionship/friendship/acceptance among others all while fighting a lot of inner demons. Domino is an extremely strong but broken girl. Her story starts off as being homeless squatting in an abandoned house with another homeless guy named Dizzy. Dizzy and Domino go out one night for some fun, but Dizzy is arrested and Domino makes a run for it.

Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott

Domino finds out that she doesn’t quite have the funds to get Dizzy out of jail, she is determined to do anything to get him out. As an odd twist of timing Domino meets Madame Karina, who offers Domino a roof over her eat, a bed to sleep in, food to eat and all for a job. Domino agrees to help, but she jumps in blind. Once arriving at Madame Karina’s Home for Burgeoning Girls, she finds out that there is more to the offer than she ever expected. There are ranks for the girls, the higher the rank the more money they get to keep and the more privileges there are available to the girls. After her first night of “entertaining” Domino finds out exactly how cutthroat this environment is and she is determined to do anything to work her way up the ranks in the shortest amount of time. Overall, Violet Grenade is a contemporary thriller that involves the main character with a dark past and hidden personality.

Detail About Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott PDF

    • Name: Violet Grenade
    • Author: Victoria Scott
    • ISBN: 1633756874
    • Language: English
    • Genre: Fiction, Thrill, Love, Suspense
    • Format: PDF/ePub
    • Size: 1 MB
    • Pages: 300
    • Price: Free

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