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Download The Road to Character by David Brooks ePub eBook free. “The Road to Character” is a wisdom book must-read for all to bring show the benefits and virtues for living with character.

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“The Road to Character” is an excellent book insight into people who have demonstrated character in their lives. David Brooks is the author of this powerful book. David provides a lot of food for thought. Case studies of flawed people, all of whom are interesting, and good insight into how their focus on their personal character affected their future success. Those who read David in the New York Times are familiar with his recent bent toward philosophical discourse. “The Road to Character” is the natural culmination of that trajectory. Brooks’ main objective is to convey ways in which we may all be better people and lead more meaningful lives. He uses the vehicle of how some famous people struggled with challenges and overcame obstacles both in their environments and within themselves. An enlightening book into the traits of character and how character defined great people and how they gained that character. The book not only shows how the character was defined in those great people but shows how struggle and hardship may help us to improve the character and focus more on our inner character and understand ourselves and our failings more and how to improve these. A good easily readable book that is both informative in a scholarly sense but also helps to give deep insight into our own shortcomings as a society and as individuals.

The Road to Character by David Brooks

David NYT columnist for many years. He has several other books that tell the psychological state of the people. These have been most likely a chimera of several people into each character. He does this to make his point. With this book, he uses the history of many real people as examples. These people, men, and women exhibited strong character and purpose in their life. The world is full of spiritual advice, both ancient and contemporary. A lot of the sources of such wisdom are predictable, especially from those with credentials of tradition or schooling. But there is also a kind of clear and immediate advice that can cut through the hype and hierarchy and weight of the predictable. This is what we gain from friends and family, and moments of simple quiet self-reflection, and is often what matters most. This book by David is this latter kind of spiritual advice and perspective. It’s an essential and clear message of what is at the heart of both our social and personal concerns how good are we, and how do we make ourselves better? But this innate desire in all our hearts (to weigh our actions and their results) is easy to get distracted and diverted with so that what is inherently a spiritual quest and struggle can become an externalized path to accomplishment and conflict (so obviously seen from the pop and political cultures of identity to the violent application of the traditional and venerable ideal of “jihad”). Brooks has gone a long way to look at why some people do have great character, he indicates that it is not the definitive answer but it is a good start in the discussion. He does innumerate his points at the end of the book.

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  • Name: The Road to Character
  • Author: David Brooks
  • ISBN: 081299325X
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Philosophy of Ethics & Morality, Sociology, Personal Transformation Self-Help,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 563KB
  • Page: 320
  • Price: Free

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