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Download The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis ePub eBook free. “The Fifth Risk” is an amazing book and it clearly explains the unpreparedness of Trump in taking charge of the government.

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” The Fifth Risk” is an interesting and informative book for anyone interested in modern politics. Michael Lewis is the author of this perfect book. Lewis is a sublimely readable author. This is a delightful and riveting book, profiling some honorable, responsible scientists doing their best to fight for rational reality in dire circumstances. Very interesting descriptions of government-backed science breakthroughs. Michael deserves a Pulitzer for this astonishing book which outlines how the Trump administration had no transition team in place to assume office and once the administration assumed office, most members had no idea how the federal govt. works and rampaged thru many of the Depts. harassing, insulting & disposing of experienced employees who did things like in the Dept of Energy, oversee our nuclear weapons program and provide oversight of our nuclear arsenal & hunt down weapons-grade plutonium & uranium in the world so terrorists can’t get hold of it to make nuclear weapons. Rick Perry, Trump’s Dept. of Energy Secretary, assumed his post without even knowing what the Dept. of Energy does and spent only a few minutes being “briefed” by Obama’s outgoing DOE Secy, Ernest Moniz, a nuclear physicist who was head of the Dept. of Physics at M.I.T. and served 8 yrs as Clinton’s undersecretary and Obama’s Secy. Compare this to Perry who has a degree in Animal Science from Texas A & M and has no background in physics or nuclear weapons and doesn’t believe in Climate Change.

 The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

Lewis reports that Perry appears to be “shell-shocked” by his DOE job. “Perry pops up in distant lands & tweets praise of this or that DOE program while his masters inside the White House create budgets to eliminate those very programs.” Obama’s chief of the DOE energy-policy analysis unit was replaced by Eric Trump’s brother in law (married to Lara Trump) Kyle Yunaska, who was a lobbyist for coal and has no background in physics or govt. This scratches the surface of Lewis’ frightening book about how the Trump administration is busily and ignorantly tearing the federal govt to pieces for ideological reasons and giving patronage jobs to people with no expertise heedless of the risk they are creating for the American people when these failures could cause major disasters numerous areas including nuclear weapons, public health epidemics, and emergency management response to name just 3 areas. Fascinating, easy to read, thrilling narrative. Recommended for anyone interested in learning more about hidden government responsibilities and spending practices then and now. A must-read.

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  • Name: The Fifth Risk
  • Author: Michael Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781324002642
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Agriculture & Food Policy, Energy Policy, Commercial Policy,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 2MB
  • Page: 256
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