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Download The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle ePub eBook free. “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups” is a fabulous book to anyone who is interested in improving their business through culture development or even those who want to incorporate the principles in improving their relationships.

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“The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups” is an impressive book to anyone looking to understand group dynamics and improve their own participation as a member of a group. Daniel Coyle is the author of this brilliant book. The points about successful culture are made through a variety of stories from different purposeful cultures. Entertaining and enlightening. If you liked Good to Great this book is for you. If you want to create a high-performance culture Coyle gives you plenty of examples of successful business cultures, failed cultures and why they failed. His examples are punctuated with the source documents successful cultures use. He also shows you how and why creative cultures, for example, Pixar, require a different cultural design than a service company such as Zappos. A healthy culture one that protects the organization is comprised of three critical elements: Safety, Vulnerability, and Purpose. In his well-written book, Daniel outlines a Maslow-derived model that starts with safety: You get the most honest responses and best effort from people when they feel safe and connected to a team. As a leader, you create a safe environment by listening, thanking people, helping people to interact, getting rid of bad apples, and by giving all people a voice. Next, vulnerability starts with the leader admitting flaws, thus making it easier for others to admit theirs. “I need your help,” becomes the message when leaders are vulnerable. And an attitude of “we can do this thing together” results. Many stellar organizations have their own versions of this vulnerability tenet that makes them stronger. Practice vulnerability by the leader: Going first, communicating expectations, delivering negative feedback in person, listening well, aiming for candor not brutal honesty, and embracing discomfort. Finally, the purpose completes the culture code (Safety Vulnerability Purpose). Purpose-driven questions are “What is this all about and why are we doing what we do?” The purpose is about the higher calling of work not about the what or the how of work, rather about the why of it. Establish purpose by developing and enforcing priorities especially in group relationships. Also, support proficiency and creativity separately but equally, develop memorable culture slogans, measure what matters most, develop symbols (artifacts) of culture, and set the behavior bar high and with specific, defined actions.

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

If you have ever wondered why some teams seem to work together so successfully while other teams struggle to get the simplest tasks done, you will be delighted with the insights you’ll learn in The Culture Code. Daniel Coyle, an author of the Culture Code, has studied a variety of highly successful teams to learn the underlying dynamics that make success look easy. His insights are penetrating and quite often counter-intuitive. Spoiler alert there is no one big secret. As Mr. Coyle discovered, the success of most teams is traceable to dozens of small micro-events repeated consistently. To tell the complete story, Mr. Coyle takes us deep into the Navy Seal 6 program, to Pixar Studios, the Tylenol tampering scare, to Danny Meyer’s restaurant empire and the San Antonio Spur’s basketball team’s success. In addition, there are numerous other stories that illustrate the underlying principles that account for successful teams. And success if different depending on the primary focus of the organization. Leading for creativity requires a different approach than leading for proficiency. While most organizations are actually a blend, it is important to understand the basic differences. The book covers three skills in the first section of the book covers the need to Build Safety into the organization. The second skill is Shave Vulnerability and the third skill is to Establish Purpose. Under each skill, there are case studies that illustrate and explain the concepts. Then Mr. Coyle shares the “how-to” and concludes each section with “Ideas for Action”. Mr. Coyle writes in a highly engaging and entertaining style. He did extensive research in writing the book and weaves all the stories together to make a compelling case for his theory. For those managing businesses or teams, you will come away with a lot of ideas that can be implemented immediately. Mr. Coyle gives an excellent blueprint or guide that anyone can use to improve the morale and productivity of their business. Ultimate “The Culture Code” is an amazing insight into organizational behavior, especially the behavior of leaders of teams or leaders of organizations.

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  • Name: The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups
  • Author: Daniel Coyle
  • ISBN: 0804176981
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Business Leadership, Popular Social Psychology & Interactions, Business Processes & Infrastructure,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1MB
  • Page: 304
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