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Download The Bridal Veil by Alexis Harrington PDF novel free. “The Bridal Veil” is a novel about a Chicago etiquette teacher namely Emily Canon, that becomes a mail-order bride after the death of her sister, Alyssa.

Description of The Bridal Veil by Alexis Harrington PDF

“The Bridal Veil” by Alexis Harrington, is a story with a sorrow beginning but with a happy ending. The novel is about Chicago etiquette teacher namely Emily Canon. Emily’s sister “Alyssa” was basically contracted for the position. However, she dies in an accident after that Emily becomes a mail-order bride. Anticipating a little, fragile brunette like his earlier wife, Luke Becker, her groom-to-be, is staggered by the tall, pedantic Emily. However, the two are wedged with each other, and Emily’s firmed to create the best of the position by assisting Luke’s anxious, tomboy daughter become a lady.

The author tells us regarding efforts of Emily Canon. He tells that how Emily made efforts to bring round her father and daughter. She makes efforts to make a home where she will enjoy her life. If you ignore this portion of the book, there is nothing to read. The efforts made by Emily gives a lesson that how you can convince others and live a happy life.

The mere conflict stanches from the maneuverings of Luke’s mother-in-law, Cora, an irritated aged woman. Cora only likes to come between the Emily and Luke to the resolve the tension, which is almost resolved as quickly as it’s developed. However, Emily’s changeover into her fresh role occurs too simply to formulate for persuasive drama.

Luke Becker accepts Emily Canon as her wife only for the sake of his younger daughter. On other hands, Emily attempts her efforts to make a home, but when she has been accepted by Luke Becker as her wife, she gets shelter.

This story gives us a lesson that how you can create an environment of love, understanding, perceptive and tenderness for each other. After reading this book, you’ll reach this conclusion that keeping a soft corner in your heart for others, you get happiness and peace in your life.

Details about The Bridal Veil by Alexis Harrington PDF

  • Name: The Bridal Veil
  • Author: Alexis Harrington
  • Publish Date: February 26, 2010
  • Language: English
  • Genre: mail-order bride, Luke Becker, Alexis Harrington
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1030 KB
  • Pages: 324
  • Price: Free Download

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