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The “Sex, Not Love” packs an emotional punch, one made all the more powerful by the way Keeland builds her story. Vi Keeland is author of this book. Keeland is the kind of author that gets the reader’s emotions involved from the get-go. It might be lite at first, a little humour, the sexual attraction between two characters, but little by little as the story develops, she reveals the complexity of the characters, their depth and that of their journey.

Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

The heat level of this story is definitely set to slow burn while the UST between them just increases every time they meet over the course of more than a year. They may not be jumping into bed together but they are intimately involved nonetheless as they get to know each other over the long distance that separates them. Once they finally give in to the temptation, heartbreak for one of them seems inevitable despite the fact falling in love was never in either of their plans.

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Name: Sex, Not Love
Author: Vi Keeland
ISBN: 1942215703
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Love
Format: PDF/ePub
Size: 1 MB
Page: 300
Price: Free

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