Self-development books: 10 Books for Ambitious Students

  1. “Be the best version of yourself”, Dan Waldschmidt

Be the Best Version of Yourself is a collection of inspiring success stories of outstanding individuals. Waldschmidt’s characters come from all walks of life and include business people, actors, athletes, chefs, doctors, and others.

The fascinating life stories are interspersed with the author’s musings and useful advice on how to become more purposeful, disciplined, how to build relationships with other people, manage your actions, get rid of fear, and be a champion.


  1. “Move out of your comfort zone”, Brian Tracy

Get out of your comfort zone” is subtitled “Change Your Life” and “21 Methods to Increase Efficiency”. The author is convinced that to achieve success one should not wait for a lucky chance or work day and night, but learn to allocate his time wisely, forget about laziness once and for all and work efficiently.

His main message – do not compensate for the lack of time by increasing the workload, you still do not have time to do everything in your allotted time. There is another way out – “change your approach to work, acquire the skill to properly respond to the never-ending stream of day-to-day responsibilities”.


  1. ” Getting things done”, David Allen

David Allen’s book is a step-by-step approach to his GTD methodology, the basic tenet of which is to free the mind from multiple tasks and transfer them to an external medium. The medium can be a variety of paper and electronic scheduling systems, from the simplest stickers to cloud storage. Allen’s workflow management model consists of five steps (collection, processing, organization, review, and execution) and the book convincingly describes the importance of each step, how to organize them, and the real results they produce.


  1. “The Psychology of Lying”, Paul Ekman

Eckman’s book is unique, providing a scientific perspective on the concept of lying and the varieties of lies. You will be introduced to the technology of recognizing deception by words, voice, and plasticity, learn what questions to ask a liar to expose him to the truth, examine the principle of the lie detector and uncover the most notorious deceptions in the history of mankind.

The publication contains many illustrations, tables, and special questionnaires, use these materials in practice, and do not let the liars fool you!


  1. “How to win friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie

“How to win friends and influence people” is Dale Carnegie’s third and arguably most popular book and is a lifelong read, so it should definitely become an asset to your home library. It contains practical advice on how to win people over, change people, make family life happier, and even change people without hurting them.

Carnegie’s work is not just a collection of admonitions, but a living canvas of human destinies, which carefully collected the author. They are in symbiosis with science, Mr. Carnegie’s personal research, and observations of the wisest representatives of various fields to create a bright, colorful, and incredibly vital book that is definitely to help you become a better, more fulfilled, and happier person.


  1. “How to read, remember and never forget”, by Mark Tigelaar

Early in his career Mark often wondered how much time the modern person spends reading the information he or she needs, and how little he or she remembers.

The figures eloquently proved his point – we spend over two hours a day reading, but we forget 70% of what we read the next day. Tigelaar went on to develop his methodology based on 8 principles of the brain. The results were impressive + 30% increase in productivity and + 2 extra hours per day.

The book succinctly and briefly describes each of the eight principles of the brain. By learning them you can significantly improve your studies and no longer think about who will write my essay for me, because your brain will work more productively. To make the information easier to digest (because you are just learning the skill of productive speed-reading), the text material is complemented by visual schemes and thematic drawings. At the beginning of his work, the author even put a chapter on how best to read this book and analyzed the socio-cultural situation in which modern man finds himself. “How to Read, Remember and Never Forget” is taken with as much excitement as fiction and will be relevant for everyone.


  1. “The magic of morning”, by Hal Elrod

A book for those who want to wake up a positive person, make the morning a productive time of day, give strength to the morning. No matter what life is like today, people have one thing in common: people want to improve their own lives and themselves. But for most people, life doesn’t change from the moment a person wakes up. It’s time to wake up with the most positive attitude. Morning rituals suggested by the writer of this book have helped tens of thousands of people to change their own lives, feel better, and have more time.


8.” The subconscious mind can do anything”, John Kehoe

This book changes the way you think and look at your own life. You should read it more than once and you will realize how positive life will become. The author correctly explains how to master your subconscious, understand personal dreams, heal yourself and develop your creativity. The writer’s method is that to use the powers of the brain you do not have to study a variety of science and the structure of things.


  1. “A New Earth”, by Eckhart Tolle

This popular bestseller for those interested in self-development raises a new level of awareness.” A New Earth” prepares readers to leap to a new level of awareness by showing that freedom from ego-driven thoughts turns out to be not only the key to personal happiness but also the key to ending the conflicts and suffering of the world. The book is based on ideas of personal and collective consciousness transformation, which leads to global spiritual awakening.


  1. Essentialism ” by Greg McKeown

If you get tired a lot and find yourself overwhelmed with too much to do and people around you call you a hard worker, then this is the book for you. With the help of this book you will be able to change your attitude to life: find the most important thing in life, you will be able to cope with overwork and breathe easy. Greg McKeown is convinced that constant time pressure is not the road to success – prioritizing is far more important in life.