Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Book

Many students often think they are incompetents, having not coped with academic writing. However, it is a genre that involves certain rules, and, therefore, it involves a discipline of the mind. The practice of writing a clear, concise, and convincing text begins in college and may never end. Therefore, the book bought on will be useful both for college students and experienced specialists. The structure of the book allows you to use it both consistently and selectively, to solve specific problems.

The author introduces the concept of academic report, the history of the development of this genre, its types and models, reveals its role in the modern world and the educational process. Particular attention is paid to its characteristics, structure, and style. Recommendations for the preparation, writing, and evaluation of this type of work are given.

What Is so Interesting about the Book?

It is known that people’s thinking is inextricably connected with their speech: to improve your thinking, you need to improve your speech and vice versa. This book teaches the art of writing and helps develop custom metalinguistic competencies: logic, analysis, argumentation, critical thinking, objectivity, and attentiveness to other people’s opinions.

The most important thing to pay attention to in the book is its structure. Each chapter has headings that explain the rules for an academic essay. At the end of each chapter, there is a practice assignment and a checklist to practice what you have learned. It is very convenient.

Methodologically, the book is unique. It provides a toolkit for preparing academic writing. The material in the book is built precisely in the logic of step-by-step academic writing. The main goal of the book is to help students overcome the difficulties they encounter when writing an academic paper. And it seems that the author has fully achieved this goal.

Firstly, the book allows you to correctly structure the academic paper. It not only provides general recommendations on its structure but also offers a variety of schemes and models for presenting information about different sections of the writing.

Secondly, it focuses on the choice of adequate lexical and grammatical means. The book includes explanations on the use of various sources, quotations, how to paraphrase the text so that there is no plagiarism, and so on.

The Summary and Review chapter seems one of the most useful. The author tells students that academic writing shouldn’t consist only of their personal opinions. Their work should be composed of objective criticism that was taken from outside resources. An interesting question is raised in this chapter: can a student criticize famous writers? The author is sure that students can do so. This is how they express their opinion not to researchers themselves but their specific work.

And in the Charts, Slides, Graphs chapter, the authors teach students to build graphs, diagrams, which should look beautiful and also carry the necessary information. This is also quite important because many students don’t pay too much attention to such important factors in their academic writing.

Another advantage of the book is its practical nature. The book contains tasks at the end of the chapter, the completion of which will develop your writing skills. If you do them, even a small part, an increase in real writing skills becomes obvious. The book deserves the highest praise. It is distinguished by the consistency of the narrative. It can be recommended not only to students and graduate students but also to teachers and researchers.

In Conclusion

Academic writing is the initial stage of mastering the skills of constructing a logically verified, concise, and accurate text. This book serves as a tool for the development of such an important intellectual skill as the ability to express your creative ideas through the scientific style. Conciseness, accuracy, logic, reliability, and persuasiveness are the attributes of academic writing!

Actually, the discipline “Academic writing” must be introduced into the educational programs of educational institutions at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate. In particular, the book is recommended for students completing their term papers and projects, as well as writing their final qualifying works and dissertation research. This book can help students develop academic writing skills in a short amount of time.

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