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Nothing to Fear Summary

“Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce” is a popular book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format. “Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce” is the author of this impressive book. Here is the summary of this book;

A frozen street performer turned serial killer eludes the FBI and escapes to Paris—where he kills again, luring tourists into his trap—and FBI Special Agent Juliette Hart is dispatched across the world to hunt him down. Juliette’s brilliant mind and European upbringing make her the perfect agent for this case, but being back in Europe resurrects her dark past, and this killer is more diabolical than anyone imagined. Can Juliette stop him before he kills again? Or will she be brought down by a killer—and her own tortured past?

“A masterpiece of thriller and mystery.”
—Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)

NOTHING TO FEAR is Book #1 in a long-anticipated new series by #1 bestseller and USA Today bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose bestseller Once Gone (a free download) has received over 7,000 five star ratings and reviews.

FBI Special Agent Juliette Hart had hoped to leave the darkness of her past behind her, and to never return to Europe. But the one killer who has eluded her in the U.S. has also forced her return.

The FBI soon realizes it needs a special team to handle overseas cases, to hunt down killers anywhere they may go—and they need Juliette to lead it.

But can Juliette overcome her demons?

Or will her darkness swallow her whole?

A page-turning and harrowing crime thriller featuring a brilliant and tortured FBI agent, the Juliette Hart series is a riveting mystery, packed with non-stop action, suspense, twists and turns, revelations, and driven by a breakneck pace that will keep you flipping pages late into the night. Fans of Rachel Caine, Teresa Driscoll and Robert Dugoni are sure to fall in love.

Future books in the series are now also available.

“An edge of your seat thriller in a new series that keeps you turning pages! …So many twists, turns and red herrings… I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
—Reader review (Her Last Wish)

“A strong, complex story about two FBI agents trying to stop a serial killer. If you want an author to capture your attention and have you guessing, yet trying to put the pieces together, Pierce is your author!”
—Reader review (Her Last Wish)

Details About Nothing to Fear Nothing to Fear

  • Book Title: Nothing to Fear
  • Authors: Blake Pierce
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free


What is the Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce about?


This is a book full of


Is Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce Based on a true story?


No, all the stories in this novel are fictional.


Are they making a movie on Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce?


No, currently, there is no movie project for this novel.


Where can I read the Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce?


You can get a free copy of the book from the bottom of the page. A PDF and ePub copy is attached and you can also request the book in any other format.


What is the best time to Read Nothing to Fear by Blake Pierce?


The best time to read a book depends on your personal schedule and preferences. Here are some suggestions:

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