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Download No Turning Back by Rania Abouzeid ePub book free. The “No Turning Back” is a wonderful book must-read for anyone wanting to know what has been happening in Syria.

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“No Turning Back” is an amazing book for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the Syrian conflict, the genesis of the numerous rebel factions, and an insight into the impact on the daily lives of ordinary people, this book is a must-read. It’s superbly written, informative, and at times incredibly moving. It has the level of authenticity and detail that only an Arab speaking journalist like Abouzeid with personal knowledge of Syria, its people, and its politics can bring. Rania Abouzeid is the author of this classic book. This book is a gallery of inhumanity, beautifully, sensibly, sensitively written, and filled with horror. Rania Abouzeid’s account of the conflict in Syria is a remarkably well-written history that brings a compelling human feel to the absolute hell that has been Syria since the 2011 uprising. Tracing the conflict through the actions and perspectives of several diverse participants, Abouzeid’s non-fiction narrative provides the reader with a highly credible view of this complex and convoluted war.

No Turning Back by Rania Abouzeid ePub

With differing allegiances and distinct motivations, the characters are followed as the uprising begins with non-violent demonstrations, through the development of a full-scale war between the Assad regime and the not well-united opposition. At every point, the story is very well written in a highly accessible style. This is certainly a hard story, but a relatively easy read for a wide range of audiences, those who have followed Syria news carefully over the years, and those who have only passing knowledge of the events. The author brings us into the mindsets of a number of key characters, including those who are driven by democratic secular ideals and those who are moved by strict religious ideology, those who have served in the Syrian Army, and those who have suffered in its prisons. We share the mindset of leaders as well as that of ordinary participants: children, students, politicians, grandmothers, and soldiers.

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Abouzeid does not attempt to provide a neutral academic history of the Syrian war from all sides. As a journalist viewed by the Assad regime as an enemy, the author had limited access to regime-held territory. She chooses to air, very proficiently, the spectrum of the anti-regime opposition. Specifically, the reader sees the democratic secular side, the Free Syrian Army as well as the various shades of the Islamic opposition, including al-Qaeda. These are the realities of Syria and the author is fiercely loyal to telling the story as it exists in reality. The conflict in Syria is grim, now very grim. It is difficult to foresee a near-term solution to the conflict bringing both peace and a modicum of the democracy which motivated the uprising against tyranny in 2011. The complete story remains untold, and future developments will likely include surprises. Abouzeid’s narrative provides a very human basis for keeping hope alive for the Syrian people. This book is a “must-read” for all seeking to understand Syria and to be prepared for what lies ahead.

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  • Name: No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria
  • Author: Rania Abouzeid
  • ISBN: 978-0393356786
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Middle Eastern History, Syria History,  Military History
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 400
  • Price: Free

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