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Download How Children Succeed by Paul Tough ePub novel free. The “How Children Succeed” is an interesting book if your lives include children that you want to succeed in life.

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The “How Children Succeed” is a very helpful book for people who are in the trenches trying to help children succeed. Paul Tough is the author of this awesome and beautiful novel. Tough’s thorough research, narratives of student success and failure, and call to action in How Children Succeed make the book definitely worth reading. Drawing from endless psychological, biological, sociological, and educational research, Tough makes it clear that disadvantaged children in America CAN succeed, as long as they are given the tools necessary. His points are thought provoking, and his call to action is inspiring. Following the footsteps of Jonathan Kozol, Paul Tough employs his significant storytelling abilities to help readers see and feel the plight of children, families and communities trapped in cycles of failure and poverty. How Children Succeed challenges some conventional wisdom on causes of failure (poverty, teacher quality) and contends that nurturing character in children and young adults is the key to success.

How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

Us only disagreement with the writing is Tough’s tendency to turn this into a political agenda, finally citing his ideas as those opposing conservative ideas at the end of the book. We challenge that success of American students, no matter what the financial or social background, is a national issue, NOT a conservative or liberal issue. Just as we can pull together as a nation to fight terrorism as a common enemy, we can pull together as a nation to fight the injustice of childhood poverty and educational deficits. While we can meet these needs in school once children enter the educational system at the age of 5, it would be even better to meet the needs of impoverished children before they are able to talk and walk, through parental education and guidance. Let’s allow Tough’s research to act as a springboard to finding the real answers to our nation’s largest issue, childhood poverty and disadvantage. Overall, an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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  • Book Title: How Children Succeed
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  • Author: Paul Tough
  • Publish Date: July 2, 2013
  • ISBN: 9780544104402
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  • Pages: 256
  • Genre: Education Reform & Policy, Educational Psychology, Children’s Studies Social Science,
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