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“Grant” is a real history lesson and one that resonates today. Ron Chernow is the author of this impressive book. This is a fantastic biography of Grant. It is masterfully written by a biographer who is absolutely one of the greatest of our present time. This biography gives you a deep understanding of Grant and the times in which he lived. Grant is one of the giants of American history and this book points out why that is true in so many well-written ways. This is an excellent book. For so long we have believed the propaganda about Grant. This well researched and well-written book sets the record straight. Grant is a fascinating individual. It is fascinating to learn about the great men of our history and understand how they became great. Grant is another epic biography from the brilliant Ron Chernow. Chernow presents the life and times of US Grant in a clear, balanced manner.
Grant by Ron Chernow
He provides depth through all parts of his life, from being a cadet at West Point through the Mexican American War through his life as a struggling private citizen through his rise in the civil war, subsequent two terms as President and finally his last mission of writing his own personal memoirs. Grant was truly an American hero, who saved this country and held uncompromising beliefs regarding the evils of slavery. He was continually lauded by African Americans for all his efforts in achieving their freedom. The theme of alcoholism also adds another interesting element to the book. Grant is an integral part of the history of the United States and Ron Chernow has performed an invaluable feat by presenting his life in such an engrossing manner. Hopefully, as many people as possible are exposed to this great man.

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  • Name: Grant
  • Author: Ron Chernow
  • ISBN: 9781594204876
  • Language: English
  • Genre: American Civil War Biographies,¬†US Presidents, U.S. Civil War History,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 23MB
  • Page:1104
  • Price: Free

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