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Description of Gatecrasher by Ben Widdicombe ePub

Ben Widdicombe is the author of this impressive book. A fantastic autobiographical work taking the reader through not only some of the transformation of popular culture over the years but also through the author’s own interesting path through life. The combination of both really makes the book work. Ben writes the weekly “No Regrets” social column in The New York Times Styles section and is a twenty-year veteran of the celebrity and society beat. A specialist in the intersection of high culture and pop culture, he is the only journalist who has worked for both The New York Times and TMZ.

Gatecrasher by Ben Widdicombe ePub

The author recounts his career as a gossip columnist for the past two decades and the rich and famous personalities he has encountered along the way. Before entering the world of gossip, the author moved to New York from Australia. His days were spent working various odd jobs like selling hot dogs at a sidewalk food stand and at a photography gallery. Nights were spent partying at clubs as well as crashing parties.


His early days in New York City are vividly described and sometimes fascinating. He recounts the early days of the Internet and how he and his partner started an online column called “Chic Happens”. He later went on to work for Page Six and TMZ. There are a few amusing and interesting anecdotes along the way like when Jerry Lewis insinuated to him that he wrote the majority of “Profiles in Courage” for Kennedy. It is fun to hear about who was nice and who wasn’t (Anna Wintour and Joan Collins!). Unfortunately, these little tidbits are few and far between.

Details About Ben Widdicombe ePub 

  • Name: Gatecrasher
  • Author: Ben Widdicombe
  • ISBN: B07Z44T59S
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Australian Biographies, Celebrity & Popular Culture Humor, Cultural Anthropology,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1.7 MB
  • Page: 301
  • Price: Free

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