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Download Front Lines Series by Michael Grant PDF novel free. Front Lines Series is the history, fiction, military and thriller novel which plots the story of three female’s soldiers who got their way to fight with enemies.

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Front Lines Series is the military, thriller, history and fiction series which is composed on three novellas. Michael Grant is the author of this classic series. The “Front Lines” is the first book in series, which takes the reader in World War II. The WWII is the most terrifying war in the history which kills millions and millions are waiting for death. German armed forces are ready to take over America while crossing Europe. The un-experienced armed forces of America is prepared to fight against them and this time girls are also participating.  Frangie Marr, Rio Richlin and Rainy Schulterman are also ready to join the forces. They all have different dreams but now they have decided to serve their nation.

Front Lines Series by Michael Grant PDF

The girls are ready to fight the greatest war. The “Silver Stars” continues the story of the war from summer 1943. The Nazis are killing everyone whoever dare to stop them and the American army is also moving to their next mission. Rio, Frangie and Rainy are also with them to save their country. They are passionate and brave girls who are fighting alongside their brother soldiers to protect their land. “The Purple Hearts” is the last book in series which leads the sacrifice and courage of the girls. They accomplish a lot of things together for their people and country. The girls are still fighting against German forces, yet their mission is not accomplished. Whenever these girls return they will be awarded through silver stars.

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  • Name: Front Lines Series: Front Lines, Silver Stars, Purple Hearts
  • Authors: Michael Grant
  • Publish Date:
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction, Thriller, History
  • Format: PDF/ePub
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