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Download “Empire of Exiles” ePub eBook free. “Empire of Exiles” is a beautiful book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format.

Empire of Exiles Summary

“Empire of Exiles” is a popular book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format. “Erin M Evans” is the author of this impressive book. Here is the summary of this book; You may also like We Are the Light by Matthew Quick PDF Download

Twenty-seven years ago, a Duke with a grudge led a ruthless coup against the empire of Semilla, killing thousands. He failed. The Duke was executed, a terrifyingly powerful sorcerer was imprisoned, and an unwilling princess disappeared.

The empire moved on.

Now, when Quill, an apprentice scribe, arrives in the capital city, he believes he’s on a simple errand for another pompous noble: fetch ancient artifacts from the magical Imperial Archives. He’s always found his apprenticeship to a lawman to be dull work. But these aren’t just any artifacts — these are the instruments of revolution, the banners under which the Duke lead his coup.

Just as the artifacts are unearthed, the city is shaken by a brutal murder that seems to have been caused by a weapon not seen since the days of rebellion. With Quill being the main witness to the murder, and no one in power believing his story, he must join the Archivists — a young mage, a seasoned archivist, and a disillusioned detective — to solve the truth of the attack. And what they uncover will be the key to saving the empire – or destroying it again.

Details About  Empire of Exiles

  • Series Books Name:
  • Authors: Erin M Evans
  • Publish Date: March 1, 2022
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 352
  • Price: Free

Empire of Exiles by Erin M Evans PDF Download

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