Best Mobile and PC apps for Reading

Best Mobile and PC apps for reading

Are you looking for the best Mobile and PC apps for reading? Well, If you are a technology and a book fanatic, then possibly you have been looking out for the best apps that can help you in reading your books. Well, the quest for the best apps both of which are compatible with windows and Android devices has already begun. In this article, I’ll provide some of the best apps which are absolutely free for you to take your book Reading to a step higher. So let’s get into it.

Sumatra Reader

Sumatra reader is among the popular applications for Windows 10. It is free and it supports a variety of file formats such as PDF CBR, MOBI, and CBZ. Therefore, you can comfortably read your books basing on the fact that it is a simple application that has an attractive user interface. However, this application misses out some advanced features like highlighting and bookmarking. However, Sumatra remains you are an all-time application where you can read your books conveniently.


If you’re a bookworm then Calibre is your all-time app. Some people know it to be iTunes.Well, this application allows you to edit books, manage your library, convert ebooks into different formats and allows you to build a reading library. Therefore, if you are looking for a multipurpose app then this is a perfect choice for you. However, the only downside of calibre is only its design. It is not that impressive compared to other applications. However, despite its look, calibre still offers the best and amazing experience in reading books. This is facilitated by tools such as bookmarking, adjustable font size, full-screen mode, and reference mode.


This is a well-designed app that has gesture controls and large buttons which makes it easy for navigation. The most prominent features of this application are multiple themes which include white, dark and Sepia. It also offers customizable fonts and text size which makes your reading more comfortable. This application can manually categorize multiple books and you can easily locate them using advanced search tools. Furthermore, if you are a book lover, it offers personalized bookmarks and it supports both PDF and EPUB books. Therefore, this application is convenient because it has a night reading mode to prevent you from straining your eyes. You can also choose your reading mode either portrait or landscape depending on your needs.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe is one of the most prominent companies which are known to have created software for almost all forms of content.You can download Acrobat DC reader alongside Adobe digital edition which is great for Windows and Android devices. Additionally, it can support different formats. This application is convenient because of its exceptional multilingual support, search capabilities, highlighting, bookmarking, public libraries and notes.


Kindle is the best book readers for Android devices though it is also popular among the Mac versions and the PC. Well, the Kindle app can allow you to sign and access Amazon books. You will need to download the books manually so that you can even read when you are offline. However, you need not worry even if you’re not an Amazon subscriber because you can still use this application to read other non-Amazon books.

Icecream eBook Reader

This application has been around for a long time and many book lovers can testify its amazing features.The design of this application is significantly impressive than Calibre. Most noticeable features include:- bookmarks, night mode which allows you to even read without straining eyes at night, book mode which can display pages side by side on a screen. It also comes with extensive translation and search features. Additionally, this application supports a variety of formats and you can customize library settings best on categories for easy Reading. You can copy text by making a subscription fee for a pro version to enjoy advanced features. Although you can still use it in a free version and you’ll experience ultimate Reading.


It is said that books are as old as man himself. Therefore, with modern technology, you can easily access and reads books. The applications that I have highlighted in this article can bring you an exciting reading experience. Some these applications are available in paid premium versions. Therefore, you might require to spend some few bucks to enjoy advance reading features.