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Download A Song for You by Robyn Crawford ePub eBook free. The “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” is a genuine, honest, enjoyable and entertaining book about friendship and love.

Description of A Song for You by Robyn Crawford ePub

“A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” is an illuminating book of true friendships. Robyn Crawford is the author of this impressive book. Beautifully written and immensely insightful, Robyn Crawford sheds new and important light onto Whitney Houston’s life and career. She paints a picture of an artist who is flawed but lovable. A must-read for anyone interested in Whitney Houston and popular music in general. “A Song For You” begins with Robyn at 18 and Whitney at 15, their first meeting in E. Orange, New Jersey and continues through every event of their turbulent life together and concludes with Whitney’s funeral. Nothing is held back. Crawford discusses her personal experiences loving Whitney, working for her and worrying about her. It was an all-consuming job and life.


This is highly evidenced by the sacrifices she made in her own family and with her own career in basketball. She shares her view and perspective on Whitney’s family, employee’s and famous friends. Much of this book is dark but the overriding feeling is one of love and care and perhaps, co-dependency. The writing style is familiar and comfortable and it’s professionally published and edited. A few pictures of Robyn, Whitney and their family and friends are included at the end. There are no warnings for language or sexual content but as you might surmise, there are many incidents of physical abuse and drug use. Robyn’s sole purpose in writing was to dispel the inaccuracies about herself and Whitney and to honor her friend.

Detail About Robyn Crawford eBooks ePub

  • Name: A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston
  • Author: Robyn Crawford
  • ISBN: 1524742848
  • Language: English
  • Genre: African-American & Black Biographies, Rich & Famous Biographies, Composer & Musician Biographies,
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 20MB
  • Page: 336
  • Price: Free

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